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Digital Film Tools Rays 2

Digital ray movies

Create stunning and realistic light effects quickly and easily. This dramatic effect, known as volumetric illumination in computer graphics or as crepuscular radiation in atmospheric optics, adds polish and style. Since the ray is added onlyTo highlight areas, they cause things to change and add three-dimensional quality. Add the light beams that pass throughclouds, filtered through the canopy forest, the rays of light in the dark night, or the rays that shot from the text. The radiators give each picture a noticeable dramatic quality.

Main features:

Adjust the length of the bulb and lighting

Check the direction of the beam with the control of the screen

Adjust the color in your eyes by using color to choose colors

Check the threshold to determine ifwhere to see the rays

Add your source of light source to doray

Start the rays

Add texture in the air for natural and organic appearance

Change the settings using the slider

Sophisticated but simple masking tool

Layered Multi-Layer System *

Change the settings using the slider

System Requirements

Certaindigital film tools

reFine introduces a new approach for selective sharpening, detail enhancements, side smoothing,drawing and feather effects on the front. The high quality filter protection for silent and moving images has achieved significant savings and savings compared to existing techniques Our strategy will blow the layout three layers of details: rough, medium and fine. Each level of detail can be edited separately in different ways, eg. Increase or firing. Add the sophisticated but easy to use mask, and you canuse the functions of pictureBrzo isolates selective filtration.

Main features:

Increase and improve details

Clear edges to remove stains

Hyperrealistic effect of sharpening and hunger

Rough, medium and fine configuration details

Cartoon and pen effect

Layer system for multiple filter applications *

Sophisticated but simple masking tools *

32bit processing image

Multi-processor acceleration

Acceleration of the GPU

Needsin System


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