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V For Vendetta 2018

In the background of the World futuristic totalitarian Britain, a gentle story of a young woman named Evey who saved the life and death situations, the person is awake only known And thanks to the free angry skilled in the art and combat fraud in 5 Panggilansesama citizens to rise against tyranny and oppression. Vs. The secret truth Evey in the background, this is the information itself — ally emerges excessive kulminatsyiyago ambush freed of Justicecruelty and the destruction.


Bad Times At The El Royale Full Torrent Download


Bad Times At The El Royale

Seven strangers, who each had secret secrets, were found in Lake Tahoe El Royale, a deserted hotel in the past. For an unfortunate night everyone will have the last shot before everything goes to hell.

ElRoyale is a hotel located on the border between California and Nevada. He soon becomes a crazy battlefield in the seven strangers — church, soul singer, seller, sister, manager and mysterious Billy Lee — interrupt the last savior’s night before everything went wrong.

About 1968some strangers were secretly secreted in secrecy, which by chance in El Royal, Lake Tahoe, was a deserted hotel in the past. Every evening they will show true colors — before everything goes to hell.


Drew Goddard Author:

Dug Goddard Stars:

Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Eyrivo, Dakota Johnson | By the end of the 1960s, old priests were injured by diabetes, A capable American singer, an interesting salesman and a friendly young woman, may not be hippies,and arrive on the same day in El Tahoe’s Lake Tahoe, once shiny, but now a bridge across the road, Sleep on the border between California and Nevada and control by one of the officials concerned who have very dark secrets. During the day it becomes increasingly evident that almost nobody knows who they are, but everything is the worst when it’s raining heavy in the evening and better than being «friends» happy to be at the time.