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Ready Player One 2018


{Size}: GiB

(Duration): 2 hours 19 minutes

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{Video formats}: AVC

{Audio Format}: AC-3

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(Audio channel): 2 CH

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Virtual virtual worldOne creator who killed OASIS, publishedvideos that opposed all OASIS users to find their Easter Eggs, which would definitely give them their wealth.


Steven Spielberg Author:

Zak Penn (Insert Door), Ernest Cline (Insert Door) | In 2045 the real world is a tough place. The only real time to live in Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) is that when it reaches OASIS, it is an intrinsic virtual nature in which they spend almost every day. Oasis can not go all, do nothing, the sameto anyone — just limit your imagination. The brilliant and strangest oasis is made by James Halliday (Mark Rylance), who is the winner of three and a half games of richness and Oasis controls designed to find heirs to get it. Wade was the first challenge in finding treasures, defeats, himself and his friends, or High Five, the fantasy universe to save OASIS and dangers and risks.


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Burn The Stage: The Movie 2018

Burn the Stage: The film is the first BTS film to reveal the whole story behind a meteor climbing band behind the stage BTS Vings Tour. This event, which should be seen in the cinema, gives an intimate idea of ​​what happens when the world’s most successful group for boys in general breaks the barrierand enters the main Music Stage. The exclusive material for the new individual tour interviews and the BTU members’ brand gives the fans an insight into the lives and opportunities of Siza to celebrate together in cinemas around the world.


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Justice League 2017

Being repulsed from the faith of the human things to do out of the selfsame place, and breathed into his grace and of the Superman, Bruce Wayne makes use of the help of a new partner come to warn you, Princess Diana, to the greatest against the enemy in pieces.


Snyder Writers:

Live Siegel (created Superman), Joe Shuster (Editor Superman) | Restore man to trust costs driven by the fact injected Mickey David Thomas, uses the help of allies and the new Princess Diana was more against the enemy. At the same time the admiration of the woman is to hire Batman and ieiuniumetteam up to make a meta-re-awakened threat to humans. However, despite the formation of a new league heroes — Batman: wind, Akvamana and Cyborg flash — probably too late to save the planet from the attack of catastrophic proportions.