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Dr Seuss The Grinch 2018

Grinch is witness to the story of a cynical cigar for a mission to steal Christmas, just so that his heart changes the girls with a generous spirit. Funny, sincere and visually surprising is his universal story of the Christmas spirit and the invincible power of optimism.

Grumpy Grunches to destroy Christmas for the village Vhoville.


Iarrow Chenei, Scott Mosier Authors:

Michael LeSieur (Level Two), dr. Seuss (library based) | ForThe eighth series in totalAnimations, Illuminations and Universal Pictures represent Grinch, based on the classic classic holidays. Seussa Grinch tells the story of a cynical nonsense in search of a mission to steal Christmas, just so that his heart changes the generous spirit of a girl. Funny, magical and visually amazing, it is a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the failed strength of optimism. Benedict Cumberbatch,nominated by Oscar, his voice underlined the notorious Grinch, who leads a life together in a cave on the mountain. Crumpet only with your loyal dog Max for the company. With a cavern endowed with fabrications and ready-made clothing, Grinch sees his vines in Vhoville as they disappear from the food. At Christmas, every year it disturbs its peaceful summit with ever clearer, larger and stronger celebrations. If someone announces, this year will be Christmasthree times bigger, Grinch …

Grinch injegov, a loyal dog, Mak, lives in solitary confinement in a cave on a Mountain Crumpet. The main cause of deterioration lies in the Christmas season, when neighbors celebrate vacations in Vhoville. When someone decides to make Christmas bigger and brighter, Grinch’s dissatisfaction finds that there is a way to find peace and tranquility. With the help of Mac, the green box will execute the scheme that will represent Santa Claus at Christmassteal and quiet the man’s reading room once and for all.


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Hell Fest 2018

The masked man turns-horror theme theme park serial killer in their personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons think that it’s all part of the show. Natalie College student (Forsyth) visits her best friend, Brooke (Edwards), her friend in Taylor’s room (Taylor-Klaus). If there was any other time of the year, the three and their love could travel to a concert or bar but it’s Halloween, meaning, like everything, they’ll be connected. With ADAFEST — a scatteredmaze of rides, games and rides, traveling across the country and in the city. Every year, thousands come to Feast Fest experience of fear in a bad carnival nightmare. But for one visitor, Hell Fest is Sunday-attraction — hunting. The audience’s voice in a simple appearance is also formed in the terrible atmosphere of fun to play a terrible reality from their eyes. As the body counts and crazy natovpupratsyagvae excitement grows, it seems to see Natalie mask, Brooke Taylor and their suitors,what will fight to survive the night.


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Incredibles 2.2018

Parab Bob (Mr. Incredible) keeps Jack Jack, while Helen (Elastigirl) does not save the world.

Director: Brad Byrd

Posted by Brad Pierre

Star: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Wowell

Genre: Animated Action | Comedy Family Adventure | Science fiction

Country: United States

Incredible2 2018 720p HD-TCX264 AC3-24HD

Video: 1248×512 MPEG4 (H264) video at 30 frames / s

Audio: Dolby AC3 48000 Hz 6x


Source: TK

everyone’s favorite superhero back inThe «The Incredibles 2» family, but he patHelan (Holly Hunter’s voice) is in the attention, leaving Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) home with Violet (Sarah Voual sound) and firing (Huck Miller’s voice) to navigate heroes every day of normal life His hard shift to all has become more complicated than the family, as before, he did not know what type of super Jack Jack was. When the new villain hung the family conspiracy shine and Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) must findthe way to collaborate once again, the lesnokazano than to do, even though they are all weird.

Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) keeps babysitting while Helen (Elastigirl) does not save the world.


Author of Brad Bird:

Delicious Birds:

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Wowell | Although the Parr family receives its collective call as heroes, the fact that their heroism is still illegal. Once they were caught after an unsuccessful attempt to stopUnderminer, their future looks bleak. However, Deurn’s siblings like Devtech offer the ostentatious oil project to restore public image and status as Elastigirl Supers prykladom.Teper is assigned to be bright, has agreed to stay home to take care of the children, Mr Incredible is home-life a challenge, especially with the power of the new Jack-Jack, making it practically impossible. But soon Elastigirl has his vlasnupoboyuvanwhich relates to new observations of supervision, Screenslaver, which caused catastrophic control over his ability to control. Now Elastigirl must uncover the mystery of this enemy who has an evil lifestyle world with the family of Parra and his friends is the ultimate goal of this evil.


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Blade Runner 2049

The long awaited secret secret, former Rick Deckard, is thirty years old.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Authors: Hampton Fancher (screenplay), Michael Green (screenplay)

Publications: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas

Genres: Hidden | Sci-Fi | thriller

Country: United States | United Kingdom | Hungary | In Canada

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WITCH: iTunes — Thanks to God: D

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TIME: 2h 43m 43s

DISCOUNT: English (.srt)

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The long awaited secret secret, former Rick Deckard, is thirty years old.


Denis Villeneuve’s writers:

Hampton Fancher (screenplay), Michael Green (and screenplay) | Sixty years after the first movie, the new LAPD K (Ryan Gosling), a hidden secret secret, has the ability to become a community trace chaos. Thanks to the discovery of K, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) was an old LAPD runner for 30 years.


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Slender Man 2018

In a small town in Massachusetts, and a group of friends fascinated by the history of the Internet’s men stood try to prove that it is not — mysteriously emptied of them as one.


Sylvain White Author:

David Birke Up Victor (the characters) Add:

Joey King, Julia goldan betray Jaz with Sinclair and mysteriously, sekelompokGadis teens or urge the culprit is likely to call the urban legend of a delicate and eerie fashion sacrificaretur.Albadirected by Sylvain. The characters created by Eric «Get Victor» Knudsen.

The duty of man to tell ituuntuk the solemn service of a small town, slender, Massachusetts, four of Jesus’ disciples not seen stick out. Determine when the one of the girls in a mysterious way, at any rate the victim of the received because of human insinuauerat suspicious as to the last of it as its own.