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Den skyldige 2018

A designated police officer sends a signal in real time, answering a call from a pregnant woman.


Writers Gustav Mller:

Gustav Mller (script), Emil Nigard Albertsen (script) Stars:

Jacob Cedergren, Jessica Dinaj, Omar Shargavi | Asger Hill Signalresponds to the emergency call of a kidnapped woman. When the connection is suddenly interrupted, she will look for her as a woman and her captor on her phone as the only tool for the time when Asgeru threatens to save the woman and run. But he soon realizes that he facesa crime much more than he thought.


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Hold the Dark 2018

The net believe that after killing three dead children, author Russell Core was hired by his six-year-old son to go down and look for a wild baby.


Author Jeremy Saulnier:

MaconBlair (screenplay), William Giraldi (based on book) Star:

Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgrd, James Badge Dale | Scientists and practitioners Russell Kuku Core traveled on the shores of North Alaska, Medora in Slone’s prayer, a young mother, a son killed by wild nuts. TimeMedora tries to send her son trying to bring her a wolf, she is a wonderful and dangerous relationship between the two. But when her husband Medora returned home at Vernon after the Iraq war, the news about her death was a great event of events. As the police stop the trial of Vernon abuse into Donald Marium during the run, Core Illusionodyssey in the heart is dangerous.


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Untitled Avengers Movie 2019

Whipping is not yet disclosed. This will be the fourth part of the Avengers series.


Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Writers:

Christopher Marcus, Stephen McFeli | The culmination of 22 interlocking films, the Avengers’ fourth saga, will attract an audience to be a turning point of this epictravels. Our favorite characters will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices should be supported in order to support it.


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Halloween 5.1989

Year after the event of Halloween: The return of Michael Myers (1988), the form returned to Haddonfield again, trying to kill his stupid son now.


Dominic Otenin-Girard (like Dominic Inein-Girard) Author:

John Carpenter (character), DebraHill (character) | This is the year after the Halloween event 4. Michael survived the shot, and on October 31 he returned to the heart. Hiding and dropping out friends of Jamie, Rachel, and Rachel, Michael designs a program to convince Jamie from children’s hospitals, whereThe incident led to a struggle in the inn. Halloween 5 is a journey of darkness and happiness that will make you scared!

When the Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis protects Michael Myers, injured Laurie is hospitalized, and the ordinary killer is not behind him.


Rick Author Rosenthal:

John Carpenter, Debra Hill Stars:

Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasant, Charles Cyphers | After Dr. Samuel Loomis removed Six Times Michael Meyer and fell from the balcony. Michael escaped and continuedand the murder in Haddonfield, Lori also went to hospital with Dr. Loomis gathered a police force to track Michael and finish the «murder scene».

Laurie Strode came to his final fight with Michael Myers, a masked model who drove him because he was about to escape his killings at night.


David Gordon Green Screenwriter:

David Gordon Green (state), Danny McBride (script) | Truck Strode came with his last position with Michael Myers, the hidden model he was driving awayalmost to avoid his killings on Halloween over the last four decades.