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Slender Man 2018

In a small town in Massachusetts, and a group of friends fascinated by the history of the Internet’s men stood try to prove that it is not — mysteriously emptied of them as one.


Sylvain White Author:

David Birke Up Victor (the characters) Add:

Joey King, Julia goldan betray Jaz with Sinclair and mysteriously, sekelompokGadis teens or urge the culprit is likely to call the urban legend of a delicate and eerie fashion sacrificaretur.Albadirected by Sylvain. The characters created by Eric «Get Victor» Knudsen.

The duty of man to tell ituuntuk the solemn service of a small town, slender, Massachusetts, four of Jesus’ disciples not seen stick out. Determine when the one of the girls in a mysterious way, at any rate the victim of the received because of human insinuauerat suspicious as to the last of it as its own.

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